Gift Shop

Our gift shop is a great aspect of Julie’s Perks in Clarksville, Arkansas! We choose what we sale with great care and with you in mind. In order to do this, we have to know our community well. That is why we try so hard to host multiple events throughout the year to bring new faces in to meet. Our team loves getting to hear the stories of everyone in Ozark, Russellville and Clarksville, Arkansas.

Whether that be the big business people from Tyson or Bright Harvest, the school spirited Clarksville Panthers, the supportive parents that hold the town together or the loud and proud collegiate Eagles, we love you all!

Moreover, we love hearing your story. Everyone travels far and wide and somehow you all ended up in Clarksville. Let us get to know you so we can know what type of orders to place for our one of a kind gift shop. Additionally, we love changing gift shopping options seasonally. Furthermore, you will see spring leaved patterns in fall, spooky ghosts in October, santas in December and plenty more seasonal options.

We proudly promote that our gift shop has the gift for any occasion and for anyone. We know that it is important to pick just the right gift for the people in your life. That is why we have several options for you to choose from!

If you love shopping, this is the place for you! There are many items in Julie’s Perks for you to check out. Also, we are located on Main Street where there are plenty of other places to shop during your day out.  

Lastly, we cannot wait to meet you! Come in today for a good time shopping. You can even try our signature coffee beverage while you’re here! If you have any questions feel free to contact us today and we promise to take care of you.

1116 S. Rogers St.
Clarksville, Arkansas 72830
1 (479) 754-5635